FLUX Beambox/Beamo Warranty Policy


Warranty Policy

During the production process, FLUX Technology Inc. ("we") examines FLUX products strictly to ensure the quality and reliability of the products before delivery to the customer. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, products may not perform as expected. If any problem occurs, please contact FLUX technical support to diagnose the problem.

Before contacting technical support, please make sure you have followed the setup instructions on the FLUX Help Center.


Scope of Warranty

We offer a non-transferable limited warranty that covers products purchased from an authorized FLUX Technology Inc. retailer against defects in materials or workmanship. Customers must provide serial number and related information as proof of purchase.

During each product’s warranty period, we offer the option of sending parts to customer and tutorials for repair, provided that:


  • The product was properly used according to the manufacturer’s intended purposes and instructions.
  • The product was not damaged due to acts of nature, such as lightning, flood or fire.
  • The product’s casing was never disassembled and the warranty seals are not broken.

Note: Particles, scratches, unevenness, or other appearance issues which do not affect the function of the machine, are not covered by the warranty and cannot be replaced. 

If the customer wish to ship the machine back to FLUX for repair, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs.


Warranty Period

The warranty starts from the date of delivery to the end-user purchaser.

Please see the chart below for the warranty periods of the products.


Product           Warranty Period

BeamBox         1 year

Laser Tube      3 month




FLUX Inc. warrants only the hardware  (excluding accessories and spare parts) against defects in materials and workmanship when used as instructed in the manual. FLUX Inc. does not warrant against normal wear and tear, items consumed or expended by their normal use, product misuse, accidental damage, or damage caused by modifications to the product. Modification of the hardware or accessories, including but not limited to replacing parts, making permanent cosmetic changes to the machine, replacing the software or firmware, or other unauthorized changes voids this Limited Warranty.