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FLUX HEXA | Beyond your Profession Laser Cutter​

⌲ Bigger Working Area​

⌲ Efficient Improvement of Laser Quality​
⌲ High Speed Engraving​
⌲ Smart and Safe Design​
⌲ Easy to Connect​

Pre-Order Now​

Create Unique Products That Are Meaningful to You

Customize holiday gifts, personalize your home decor, redesign jewelry or build a small business defined by your unique style. FLUX Lasers are powerful, intuitive and compact. Our sleek laser cutters are built to fit any workshop space and designed for even the most novice user.

3D Laser Engraving

Unique 3D Graphic easy made by BeamStudio

Engraving Glass & Jade

Easily used default setting from BeamStudio 

Very Fine Engraving

High Pixal up to 1000dpi (20 micron) giving high detail , made your item special 

Anouk Wipprecht​

A new wave of laser-engraving designs emerges at the interface of design and technology.


Artworks that stand vividly on the paper.

Craftsmanship Diary​

The craftsmanship with warmth and heart.

MUYU Design

Natural essence preserved through hands-on workshops.

Luke Towan

Build the miniature world by laser.


The FLUX Experience

We believe in making high quality, high performance laser technology products accessible to everyone. Our laser engravers are backed by a standard of excellence in both functionality and usability, allowing you to focus on creating more of what you love.




Make Any Material Your Canvas

Experience your designs on a wide range of materials, from stone to leather. Personalize your stainless steel thermos or etch your most precious photos on a frameless glass. FLUX’s powerfully precise lasers allow you to turn almost any material into your next blank canvas.




The Smart Desktop Laser Cutter & Engraver Made for Creativity


Beambox is a powerful laser cutter and engraver that lets you shape, cut, and engrave on materials like wood, leather, acrylic, and cardboard. Beambox meets all your expectations, and goes way beyond.



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Unlock More Capabilities with the FLUX Ecosystem

Intuitive Software

The easy to use beam studio software comes with preset power and speed parameters for quick cuts. As well as fully customizable parameters for advanced users.

Smooth Rotary

The beamo rotary module works seamlessly with your laser cutter to allow you to engrave on curved objects including glassware and bottles.

Effortless Autofocus

Enjoy a seamless experience with Autofocus, and cut through thicker materials, precisely, with multiple passes.

Hear What the Community Has to Say

Over 10,000 satisfied customers are using FLUX Lasers to create meaningful projects or build a fulfilling side business. Listen to some of what they have to say.

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